4 Ways to Gain Instant Authority on the Web

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When a prospective customer needs to buy the products or services you sell, they might search online for some general keywords. And when presented with a choice between you and your competitors, most customers will unconsciously choose the business that is the most authoritative – the industry leader.

Here are 4 ways your business can become the authoritative industry leader almost overnight:

  1. Become a guest blogger at other sites
  2. Businesses run blogs to keep their readers informed. You can run your own blog (which is always a good idea) but you should incorporate an aggressive marketing campaign to blog at other related blogs as well. Find some blogs that your target market reads and submit a brief email proposal about a blog post idea you have for them. If they agree, deliver a great blog… and don’t forget to include a bio about you and a link back to your site!

  3. Teach a course
  4. Find out how you can teach other people about what you do. It might be in a community college classroom setting, it might be in a workshop at your next industry convention, it might be an online course that you offer through your website, or it might be a video series you offer for free on YouTube. (It sounds counter-intuitive because you’re teaching your competitors but remember: Industry leaders TEACH others). There’s another bonus, too: You get build stronger relationships with others in your industry and that always helps!

  5. Become an industry spokesperson
  6. Position yourself as an industry spokesperson to the media. Submit industry-related press releases to the media, join HelpAReporterOut (HARO), and get in touch with local media outlets whenever a story impacts your industry.

  7. Write an industry report
  8. Write a report that reveals information and tips about your industry that most customers don’t know but should. You can take a fairly neutral approach (you don’t have to blatantly promote your business) and that will give you even more credibility. Post the report on your site and on a site like Scribd.

By becoming an industry leader, great things happen: Your website will rank higher because search engines love sites that are authoritative; you’ll generate some great free advertising with lots of newsmedia that references you; prospective customers will choose you over your competitors; and you’ll build great relationships in your industry.

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